As a minor note: I’m sure no one would be fooled, but I am not Ian R. Macleod. I am a different Ian Macleod, and anyone who happens to find this page looking for the other, I am sorry for the confusion. Sadly, he had I share a name roughly equivalent to John Smith in Scotland. At a signing, Neil Gaiman once told me that many Macleods change the spelling to a variant for publishing purposes, but as I am essentially a hobby writer, and not a pro, I haven’t exactly bothered. Ian R. Macleod is quite good by the way, his short story Chop Girl especially sticks out in my memory.

  • Cactus Tree is a short science fiction story. I’m fond of it, but I’d describe it as paying homage to Le Guin, so I’m not trying to get it published anywhere but here. It’s also the first thing I’ve really posted here. I’m a bit nervous about that, because there is always an error or two that slips by when you edit on your own. If you see a typo, feel free to let me know. Enjoy.

  • The Peach Tree Variations is a very short play with very few props. Feel free to produce it, thought it obviously wouldn’t work on it’s own. I think it might make a nice opening to an evening though. It was performed at Carleton in 2003, and has since been rubbed with a bit of polish, but remains largely as it was.

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  1. Sara Says:

    On page five of Cactus you’ve got “concentration” instead of “concentrating.” (You did say to let you know about typos…) I really enjoyed the story, though it took me a minute to get properly into it—there’s often that hesitation in the start of sci-fi stories, where you have to spend time explaining the science rather than expanding on the characters, which puts me off a bit. The flavor of the work definately reminded me of something I’ve read and enjoyed in the past, but as I have actually never read Le Guin I can’t put my finger on it. Oh, a descriptions were beautiful. Esp. the Arizona comparison.

    Peach Tree is bizarre, but highly amusing and intruiging. I shouldn’t have read it at work; had to bite my fist to keep from laughing. You didn’t mention whether you played one of the roles, when you performed this at college. goes to google images of peach trees in autumn

  2. Bottle Imp Says:

    Whoops, fixed the typo. Thanks for pointing it out. And I’m glad you liked them. I was not in the production of Peach Tree. They had me direct one of the other 24 hour plays. I can only remember two of the people in it, Emily Meisler and Andrew Billiter, but I was quite happy with how they pulled it off.

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