Last Gasp From Winter

March 23rd, 2008

It’s almost bicycle time. Unlike my friend Mark, I do not have the desire to bike through the winter. I just take the bus as much as possible. We’ve gotten to the point that the weather in Minneapolis his the mid to low 40s every day. In true Minnesota form, we’ve had a last minute snow that goes on for a while, but ultimately can’t hold back spring. Leading up to this, you could see people making their peace with the end of winter. We all bitch about it, but there are small pleasures that it is sad to see disappear for another eight months. The other day, while walking to the store, I saw a woman walking at the edge of the sidewalk. She was carefully breaking the ice crust that had formed there, and listening with visible pleasure to the sharp snap of these small sheets of ice as they hit the cement.

But having said that, I’m ready for some warm weather.

Let’s celebrate with a little Tom Waits live.

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