Michael Crichton of “I think I know shit about science” fame has a habit of being horrible to those he perceives as his enemies, in his books. Now, I am working on something that if I’m lucky will one day be a novel, and it has real people in it, and some of them aren’t going to look good, because my main character/narrator doesn’t like them. They’re public figures, and should it ever be published, I’m sure they’ll be able to deal with it.

I’m not calling any of them child molesters though, and it’s not because they wrote an article about me. I suppose it would be more of an issue if I thought Crichton was anything more than a hack. What portions of his writing I’ve bothered to read have always struck me as Tom Wolfe on PCP, age 15. I’m not a huge Tom Wolfe booster either, though I don’t know that I dislike him much either.

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