Cannot Pass Without Some Comment

November 29th, 2008

Generally I have been avoiding saying much about current events, because this is a small private blog that about six friends read. It just doesn’t seem like there is much point to giving my opinion about this or that national issue here, and people could just be reading Ezra Klein in that time anyway. But this was too much.

When the history of the past eight years is written, it will not make the official records that a Walmart temp was trampled to death in a rush of customers yesterday but it serves as a tragic little coda to my impressions of the Bush years. When the President told people that it was patriotic to shop in the face of a recession, he did not cause this. Yet the elevation of blind spending as a pass time has gotten so bad that yesterday people crushed a man to death so they could save eighty dollars on an LCD TV. To my mind that deserves at least as much soul searching as the current financial crisis.

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