July 21st, 2009

A few of my friends have kindles, and I’m sure they’ve all read 1984 and have paper copies, so it won’t have effected them much that the title was removed in an act of pure irony by Amazon, ostensibly at the request of Orwell’s estate. This is yet another lesson (many of them provided by the estate of James Joyce) in poor management of your own intellectual capital.

In other, personal, book news, rereading The Diamond Age is a good thing, it holds up very well when you know what is going to happen already. This is a feat that surprisingly few books manage.


November 14th, 2006

There is an interview with Keith Gessen of n+1 in the NY Inquirer.

I had been on the fence about subscribing to n+1. I’ve got too many periodicals coming to my house. Gessen may have convinced me though.

Gessen also makes a point in the interview that does not relate to my subscribing or not subscribing. He says that there aren’t enough publishing points that young authors can aspire to. Blogs are not the answer, and he rightly points out that no one reads blogs about writing or literature, with the few exceptions being established authors. The New Yorker has become one of the few places that everyone knows about. It has thus become a barometer of success. If you’ve been in the New Yorker, it can be assumed that you’ve got some chops. The New Yorker, like all publishing ventures, has editors, and those editors have an idea of what is good. They do not cover all that is good, just what the editors like and have space to print.

Gessen says that this is part of the reason he works on n+1. There are other voices out there, voices that The New Yorker can’t cover. It wouldn’t hurt Slate, or other online periodicals like it, to take not of Gessen’s attitude. Just to pick on Slate for a moment, I can find one poem on their page, and that’s about it right now. More please.

Semi Random Links

September 16th, 2006

I appears that my uncle has put out a new album. I’ll have to check that out. I’ll be honest, he’s not always to my taste. But I sing “Without My Woman” in the shower all the time. When his stuff does work for me, it’s really fun.

And also, college Republicans at the U of Mich are crazy. I must be reading the wrong blogs though, because I didn’t see any of them link this story to the Dick Cheney Hunting mishap. For shame.

iTunes 7 still can’t get the album art for “Come on Feel the Illinoise!” Come on iTunes, I can see it in the damn music store. Don’t punish me because my brother gave me the album as a gift. Not since transparency worked its way into Xorg have I worked this hard to get a pointless feature to work.

I Am Not Alone

September 14th, 2006

Very quickly, I am not the only one who things the new iTunes movies are a low res idea at a horrible price point.

Random aside: Why does the BBC World news theme sound so much better than the theme for All Things Considered? Maybe because it isn’t shitty?

From the Grave

September 3rd, 2006

Today I got off my ass and started a project that I had been meaning to do for ages. Specifically I’m putting linux back onto an old box that has been sitting idle for ages. So, today I got out all the bits and pieces, stuck them all together, and put an install CD in, ready to repartition my HD. I pressed the power button.

I had not realized how loud my CD rom drive was on this box. Suddenly my sad excuse for a home office sounded like the data center I work at, only it wasn’t a delightful 66 degrees. I looked around frantically, hoping I hand’t woken the girl up. She was taking a nap. Momentarily I flash back to that North Mississippi All Stars show I went to a while back . My ears were ringing for days afterwards. Would this be the heavy price linux would exact on me this time? I put my hand down on the box and realized what the source of the sound was. My case was so poorly constructed that the spinning drive was actually knocking up against the side pannel. Putting my hand there dampened the noise. It also helped to take the Robert Alter translation of the Five Books of Moses off the top of the case. No idea why that was such a big thing. Maybe I should do some sort of ritual cleansing. I had thought that was what linux was for…

The cat came into the room and sort of batted at the computer for a bit in frustration. I decided that this had to stop. Now there is a towel pressed against the side of the computer, because, you know, science. I’m not sure if it really helped or just made me feel better.

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