February 24th, 2007

One of the weirdest sites I’ve ever seen before is this blog of women drinking tea. It was linked on Boing Boing. At first, scanning over it briefly, it seemed simply odd. The more I read of the poster’s between picture writing, the more it started to feel odd. He talks at one point about how it is not a fetish, and then at another point about how only women he thinks are attractive make the cut. In yet another post he says he wants to provide more positive roles for women, less skin, more thought. He also runs photo blogs of women drinking wine and reading books. He talks about women behaving properly. It all doesn’t quite seem to add up.

I do know what I think about the NY Times saying Pole Dancing parties were on the rise. I’m pretty sure that this is one of those classic instances of trying to reclaim something to gain sexual or social power, and maybe not quite getting there…

Things I did today, while ignoring a self imposed deadline, which were not writing.

  • Went to the teashop, where I talked with the owner about the French company he feels is dicking him around.

  • I read this Tom Waits interview in which, it seems, he manages to make the interviewer just a little bit uncomfortable.

  • I listened to a lot of music and wrote this post.

  • I hand wrote a letter to a friend, who’s address I was not sure of.
  • I reorganized my rss feed order, so that it was grouped by category. Then I felt a little creepy.

  • I read from Lolita.
  • Yeah, way to easy to distract one’s self in this day and age.

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