This review of Scott Pilgrim reviews from one of NPR’s reviews puts its finger on something I see all to often in the reviews I read. Reviewing the supposed audience rather than the work itself seems to happen more in music than in movies, but it is everywhere in modern criticism.

As for the movie, I liked it. I had the hardest time dealing with the idea that Scott as played by Cera was in any way successful with the ladies. If his awkward wooing really worked in real life, I’d have had a very different high school experience. That ridiculousness aside, it was a fun movie. I’m right in the core demographic though, bass playing half Canadian who loves video games and was in a band that couldn’t get gigs? How could I not like it?

Detour: An interesting entry among the reviews was Anthony Lane’s review for The New Yorker. In his attempt to pick up on cultural cues that simply don’t stick out to him, he conflates random bits of the movie and interprets them as character cues… or something to that effect. What he says is that the fact that Ramona dies her hair frequently is what puts her out of Scott’s league. Interesting interpretation. Not really what I think the director was going for, but… interesting. He also gets bonus points for being a New Yorker taking a dig at Toronto in a review of a film that makes jokes about New Yorkers being snotty and dismissive of Toronto.

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