More Raid Reporting

August 31st, 2008

Well, to my surprise, the raids in the Twin Cities have actually gottensomeattention. Bonus points if you bother to read the comments on the Star Tribune article, in which most of the people clearly cannot grasp that whatever was found in the house, it had not been used yet, and only a tenuous case could be made that they would use it. I guess they found buckets of piss in one of the houses they raided. This leads the people in the comment thread to say that basically you don’t have a constitutional right to throw piss, which I suppose is not outlined in the constitution. Of course, they still haven’t thrown a bucket of piss, so…

Also, it’s good to see the the ‘vegan’ infiltrators thing come back. Seeing those signs up around town was just too funny.

Police Board Games

August 15th, 2008

I spend a lot of time, way more than is effective, getting angry about police taser abuses and run ins with cyclists. It is refreshing to see police men messing up in such a silly way.

I also like that some UK news agencies refer to the guys working on terror related cases as ‘terror police.’ It’s like calling the vice squad the sex police. You just get a whole different image in your mind.

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