K and I are moving out of our apartment. This has triggered the landlord to get to work fixing a few things up. She’s been good about the place, but now that we’re heading out, she’s got her eye on a few things, like improving the basement storage and such. So I hear her down stairs with some guy assembling shelves and it’s not a huge surprise.

What comes as a huge surprise, is that after a great deal of clanking and talking, in which I overhear the mention of shelves. Things sound like she’s finishing up, and the melancholy sound of a music box starts to quietly but insistently permeate the house. Two minutes ago it was all pipes and metal and wood, and now it’s the soundtrack to a childhood memory for some wrist slitter of a movie.

Snowed Under

December 4th, 2007

How quickly one can fall behind on just about everything. I’ve spent the last couple of months stressing, to various degrees, about the LSAT. For better or worse, it’s done now. I spent the last few days relaxing, and then started to dig myself out of the large pile of crap that had accumulated. There is still the business of actually applying to the schools, but that seems small in comparison to the three hours of tension.

And in all of that, the writing fell by the wayside, which was frustrating. Over the next couple of weeks I will be finishing the applications, and that will free up even more time. With that, I plan to put a little more on that second page here, the stories one. Short term, I will be putting a story up there and sending a few out to people who may put them in print. Long term, if I get into a school that I feel is worth the time (and that is not certain), I will be taking several months of to do nothing but write. Going off to law school would get in the way of getting much writing done, for quite a while too, and I’ve wanted to take the time to really bear down on a few projects.

With that in mind, it was good to have a crazy productive day. The cocktail blogging that I would occasionally do here has been moved over to Eric has been putting me to shame on the day to day front. We shall see what happens.

And now to relax, my back hurts from shoveling.

Middle What?

July 18th, 2007

From time to time I entertain the idea of becoming a freelance writer, though I know I don’t deal with income uncertainty very well. After a few days of thinking about it, I usually turn my mind to grad school.

So, today was one of those days, where I sat in the cube farm and did a little daydreaming. I happened upon a link at LifeHacker that was supposedly about choosing a place to live as a freelancer. It took me here to a Forbes article.

Now, in this article they say that it’s relatively easy to get $100,000 as a skilled and dedicated freelancer. Fair enough, I don’t really know these things. But then they say that earning the second $100,000, so you can be middle class in California or New York. blink blink One quick trip to a Wikipedia article (of course) set me aright on the facts. Now, lets say this guy is right, and you need at least $150,000 to be middle class in one of these areas. If you look at the graph in the wikipedia article, the one about a fifth of the way down, that tracks income distribution, a little over 5% of our nation would qualify as middle class, if they lived in New York City or somewhere in California. At that point, I have to question the metric by which middle class is defined.

Note: The Forbes article is from 2005, so be sure to adjust up about 6% for cost of living inflation.

New Name

July 4th, 2007

I have changed the name of the blog from the execrable ‘Artless’ which had been the name of any sort of web presence I had since my angst befuddled teenage years to ‘Some Words.’ In all likelihood, this name too will go away soon, but I couldn’t deal with the old one, and when you don’t have to worry about links or technorati and google ranks, it’s much easier to do.

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