In the Times

January 13th, 2009

Sometimes blogs can create an odd feeling of interaction. I friend of mine noted the other day that he sometimes forgets that he isn’t friends with a couple of the bloggers that he’s been reading for years. He sees their work so often that they have simply integrated on some level into his life. I was a little unsure of his comment at first, but then yesterday I saw that Paul Clark is posting on the New York Times website. It was a feature article, and though I have never met Mr. Clark in person, I have read his site for some time, and couldn’t help having a moment where I felt like someone I knew had really made it. Congratulations Mr. Clark, who I still have never met, and probably won’t. It’s an odd feeling.

The posting, about arguments over the Old Fashioned, was good as well, hitting several key points about drink geekdom, without getting too fussy.

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