Nostalgia for a Hobby

July 7th, 2009

I saw today’s Three Panel Soul (Titled “On Monster Manuals,” I couldn’t quickly find a permanent link) and got nostalgic for a hobby that I simultaneously must stay the hell away from. No time right now, but it does remind me pleasantly of my wasted, and maybe not as wayward as it could have been, youth.

K and I are moving out of our apartment. This has triggered the landlord to get to work fixing a few things up. She’s been good about the place, but now that we’re heading out, she’s got her eye on a few things, like improving the basement storage and such. So I hear her down stairs with some guy assembling shelves and it’s not a huge surprise.

What comes as a huge surprise, is that after a great deal of clanking and talking, in which I overhear the mention of shelves. Things sound like she’s finishing up, and the melancholy sound of a music box starts to quietly but insistently permeate the house. Two minutes ago it was all pipes and metal and wood, and now it’s the soundtrack to a childhood memory for some wrist slitter of a movie.

You, and I, and George

March 1st, 2008

I’m just going to celebrate the fact that there is now actual content on the wedding website with a little video. It’s one of my all time favorite Muppet Show skits, from the first season.

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I went to college reunion this past week. This was more than a little silly, as it was for the class that graduated the year before me. Still, there had been a lot of great people in that class, and I’d lost track of most of them. So I thought I’d stop in and say ‘Hi’ to a lot of people at once. I could only make four hours or so of it, as I had to work, but I drove down to Northfield anyway.

It was a good year for this sort of thing. Minnesota has actually gotten some consistent rain in the past couple of months, so the fields looked lush and green as I drove down. It was the golden hour, and everything seemed somehow more than it had been. I was driving back to some sort of fantasy campus that had never existed. The rosy glasses were held firmly in place by the Tom Waits I was playing.

The weirdness really began when I got there. Some of these people had been strangers to me since they had graduated. There were several that I would have liked to say ‘Hi’ who weren’t there, and a few that gave a general sense of brush off before I could say hello. But there were plenty of people who I had really missed. It’s hard to imagine a more pleasant nostalgia trip. An old friend, Dan Diamond, even got his ass out of NY for a little while. I’ve got to track down a few people now who couldn’t make it. But it has been great motivation to keep up with people better. For those of you I’ve lost touch with, I’m sorry. I make this sort of resolution about once every four days. I’m going to try to write though.

The other nice thing about a five year reunion, is that no one has managed to get so much done that I feel like a failure by comparison. At some point, someone is bound to do something so awesome, that when I hang around them, I inevitably, not matter how gracious they are, feel like I’m wasting my life on some level. It’s really hard to do that in five years. Ummm… grad school… yeah. Time to go I think.

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