400 Bar

January 15th, 2006

Played the 400 Bar on Friday and it went pretty well. I’m not usually a singer, and my bass lines have basically been lobotomized since I started doing vocal duty.

We passed what Wizard called his test for a band, and I agree with him about this one. We had more people listening when we ended than when we began. It was a house of around a hundred that Carleton had shipped up from Northfield. Why they did this I don’t know. Everyone could have just played the Cave.

At the start of the set we had about 15 and by the end I think around 60-70 could be relied upon to listen and be quiet. The rest had gone out to smoke and trash talk us. Not bad as I see it.

Presumably those people who left came back for the next band and I’m ok with that. The next band sucked, but I can’t shake the notion they set out trying to suck. The lead singer took a stage dive with no one to catch him, in his boxers. That’s about what I expect from a band that changes its named from Morbid Anus to Torn Angst, and then has a last minute change of heart on the day of, only to call themselves Torn Anus.

A sick girlfriend had me leave early so I didn’t get to see the last band up. They call themselves Shaker Revival, and hopefully they had a good show. Nice guys.

Band Gig

January 5th, 2006

The band, now named “Pretty to Think So,” is playing the 400 Bar on the 13th. I don’t think anyone who reads this but my roomate actually lives in the Twin Cities. Never the less… Wizard! There is a gig on the 13th. Any random person who reads this blog and is in Minniapolis, there is a gig on the 13th. It’s at the 400 Bar and from what I hear there are doors on the stalls there these days. I wouldn’t know as I vowed never to use the bathrooms there. The show should start at 8 I think… also a 3 dollar cover as I recall. In addition to us there are “Shaker Revival” and some student band named something like “Morbid Anus.” I’m not sure about that last one, as the booker was double checking with them as of the last email I got.

And then the band had a name:

November 14th, 2005

After going through a lot of crap we have decided on something that will hopefully be less crap. ‘Lila’ is soon to be hitting the Twin Cities area. Colin and I are gearing up to go out and get some gigs. A name was the last thing we needed, as we already had a nice little demo mixed up. I figure I’ll post the gigs here, for both of the people who read this. Now that I think of it a grand total of two people in Minneapolis might even pay attention to this.

In other even less impressive news (hard to do but I found a way): The people upstairs are doings something crazy. All I hear is some random sounds that might be a drum beaten in the most arythmic way humanly possible. My house is hugely resonant, so it is pretty impressive. Every floor of the house also has someone who plays bass. The guy downstairs seems to have just started about a week ago. I’ve been tempted to try playing dueling banjos on my bass.

And a band as well…

October 22nd, 2005

I also play in an as yet unamed band. We spent the summer making cuts of five of our charts that we could use as a demo tape. I hope to post these soon, as they don’t have the publishing issues of the text I’ve produced. The cuts are an oddity in themselves, as we recently added a keyboard player, and now nothing sounds the same. Still, I’m fond of several of them, and I figure that it can’t hurt to put them out there.

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