We Could Be Heroes

March 1st, 2007

Ok, and now it’s time to put off some plotting. Nothing so satisfyingly avoids making outlines as writing short snippets that don’t lead to any fiction whatsoever.

I’ve been watching Heroes, and while it’s been good in some ways, it’s constantly skirting the “Ok, I’m done!” stage. In the end, if I do give up, it won’t be the plot holes or the weak characters. Now, in case you haven’t been watching this show, it has some impressive plot holes. I’m talking plot holes so big that I could mess with Texas, and Texas could then step through the plot hole to mess back. Mohinder, one of the ostensible main characters, is so boring and inessential to the plot right now that they stuck him with one of the villains to try to spark things. It’s like they are trying to see how amazingly stupid they can write a man who supposedly has a PhD in Genetics, (which I’m pretty sure they don’t just give away, at least not without being asked nicely) before the collective collapse in the audience’s suspension of disbelief creates a rift in space and time.

I mean, this is a show where characters can phase through matter, and fly, and have super healing, and turn invisible, and all manner of oddments, and I’m standing in front of the screen screaming “Oh, my fuck! He can’t be that dumb!” When that’s the biggest threat to my suspension of disbelief in a show based on comic books, you know you have problems.

And still I watch. Here’s what’s killing me.

The plotting. The plot for most episodes is the structural equivalent of watching a blind smack addict drive a pinto around the Black Rock Desert. I don’t care if the pinto has been redone as an art car. I don’t care that being blind is a tragic, and that it’s not his fault. The man is on fucking smack!

I can deal with not knowing where the plot is going, the mystery of it is part of what drew me in, but I get the feeling that the writers don’t really know either. Half the time I feel like I’m watching them try to write themselves out of holes that they write in the other half. Hmmm… this is turning out longer than intended. More on it later. Back to work with me.

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