Call me old fashioned, but large portions of the Google Wave presentation left me thinking that I could have done that ten years ago. Not all of it mind you, but there was a protocol on boxes back in the day, oh wait, you can still get to it on the command line in Os X. It’s called ‘talk.’

There was some new stuff in there, and the technology used to gussy it all up is no doubt processor intensive and very impressively implemented. But at some point we are going to have to declare chat ‘the wheel.’ You can no longer reinvent it. It’s been simultaneous for a while, and making sure I don’t have to wait while the other person types really doesn’t do much for me. Yes yes, I can share pictures faster now. At some point I want a killer app, not this. I’m not sure that getting used to this new system even nets me time long haul. My mother used to always get frustrated that every two years there was a new search and indexing system at the university library she worked for. At some point, learning the new system actually doesn’t save you time. It’s why people drop out of the inevitable rush of technology. But killer apps draw you in. You can’t avoid them.

Twitter does nothing for me. It is the condensed definition of worthless communication. If you can express it in 144, it’s probably trite. Maybe I just don’t like my friends enough to really see how banal their lives are, but that is another post. This is Wave, and Wave is better than that, but it still, after an hour of watching people talk about how it’s going to change the world, feels like exactly what I’m doing now, with a different interface. Maybe it’s all one interface, but it’s not what I need right now. Call me back when it does something new.

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