August 19th, 2010

Depending on a few factors, this could be a good thing or a bad thing in my life. Luckily, I don’t own an iPhone, or really a particularly fancy phone at all. I suspect that after a few days it’s just one more distraction. It does remind me of a classic xkcd comic though.


July 15th, 2008

I had achieved a level of non productivity that I had previously thought impossible. So, yesterday, I determined to not try to read, write, or handle any of the little chores that I had been telling myself I would do each day. This left me with very little of my regular routine, and it was soon exhausted. Normally, at this point I would play some video games, but a while ago I cut video games out of the picture because I tend to play them for absurd marathon lengths of time. Lacking something actually installed on my computer, and having played desktop tower defense to death the last time I felt like this, I went looking for something new.

The guy who does DTTD has a new site with flash games and I checked that out. What I found was that I lacked the patience for many of those games. Maybe I have seen through them, and now want more sophisticated games, or maybe I just can’t concentrate on anything anymore, but I played several games just long enough to learn the mechanics and then quit.

It was frustrating, and made me contemplate getting a copy of Civ IV, but I fear what that will do to me. The last time I played a Civ game, it was for an entire two day stretch. Obviously, that’s not something you want to get into just before grad school.

I installed a video game on my computer, for the first time in years. I’ve been staying away, because I have been worried that I wouldn’t get anything else done. Now, hours later, the addiction has resurfaced. I may have to uninstall it. Nothing is getting done.

Now, this isn’t a new game, it’s an old one, Shogun: Total War, but apparently I have been so starved for video games that I dove right in. Also, assembling a computer that could play some of the newer games would take time and money. Can a whim make me feel cheap? Yes. Yes it can. By all accounts, the later installments of the Total War series were even better. I’m trying to justify this by with the fact that I just watched Kagemusha, twice. In fact that’s probably exactly what led me to this high plain…

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