Because there are almost no three ingredient combos left, I suspect that this drink already has a name. Much like the last one I posted here, it’s just too easy to make, and Punt e Mes was part of a little mixing fad a year or two ago.

Unnamed or Bitter European Guy Cocktail
Again, someone has to have already named this.

1.5 oz gin
.5 oz Punt e Mes
.5 oz Creme de Cassis
4 solid dashes of grapefruit bitters

I have not yet determined if the bitters are of any real value. I was so surprised that it worked, I just mixed another and didn’t question their inclusion. I shall have to report back when I’ve had a chance to refine it.

It has a deep rich taste, and there isn’t so much of the Cassis that it’s too sweet. Almost a leathery character to the taste, or maybe unlit cigar would be a good comparison. The basic idea was to use two ingredients that I normally think overpower everything, and let them duke it out for supremacy. It benefits from gins with sharp enough flavor profiles to do a little cutting for you. Think Tangueray and it’s cousins in the gin world.

Messing around with the home bar this past Saturday, I stumbled upon something tasty. No doubt someone has gotten there first, it’s too simple in this day and age. These days it feels like you have to infuse bourbon with something wacky just to get a sniff of originality, but never the less, I present what I’m sure someone else has already presented.

No Name (English Rose would be good if it weren’t taken)
2 oz. Gin
1 oz. Lemon Juice
.5 oz Apricot Brandy
.5 oz Ruby Porto

Standard prep, put in a mixer and shake with ice.

It’s maybe a little sweet for my tastes, but it is very pretty.

Also on the subject of drinks. Someone needs to fat wash vodka with schmaltz. Would it be tasty? Somehow I doubt it. Would it be funny? Yes. Serve chilled and neat with a nervous twist.

One Suspects Yes

August 19th, 2009

Darcy O’Neil is looking into vodkas that may use glycerine. I would not be surprised if all of those brands did. I with one or two notable exceptions, everyone I know who’s made claims about the delicate flavors of vodka has come off looking like they’re trying too hard. If it’s in there, it’s beyond me, and people tend to step up like they’re using it to prove other people have no taste. I suspect I know that act too well because I fall into that trap myself.

Beer and Stress

November 25th, 2008

It seems particularly appropriate to post this now. Earlier today I listened to my Contracts professor talk about how she did not want us to become those lawyers who dealt with stress through substance abuse. Of course, I had been saving this article from the New Yorker for a little lunch time reading as a study break. What did it do? It made me want a beer. Of course I don’t have any at home right now, but the article does a great job of covering why just about anything from Dogfish is an interesting experience at the worst case.

Portland, Teardrop, Wedding

June 15th, 2008

Well, the trip to Portland was nice, though not productive in terms of finding housing. It was instructive in learning about the different renting cultures between Portland and Minneapolis. Here, landlords are trying to rent things two months out. Everyone tries to get things covered soon, so that people have time to plan. There, everyone just assumes that they will be able to rent the place out in short order, which seems a safe assumption based on how things went over there. It did mean though that when I talked to people, they almost universally thought I was insane for trying to get this done two months out.

Today K and I started to finish up the wedding plans. It’s in two weeks now, and I’m going to be going to reunion next week, which means that I need to get as much done this week as possible, to avoid angry calls. It also means that I need to finish up a few things that I keep drawing a blank on, gift type things for people who may be going through customs. Tricky.

While in Portland I also got to go to The Teardrop Lounge which was fantastic. It’s the bar I’ve wished I could find here in Minneapolis for years. The men behind the bar knew what they were doing, but more importantly, they cared. I ended up tossing back three excellent drinks, which was harder on my wallet and liver than I had intended to be, but was imminently worth it. There were assorted good restaurants, and much good beer during the rest of the trip, but the highlight was the Teardrop.

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