June 30th, 2008

And now I am married. Unsurprisingly, this feels, in many ways, just like it did before. It’s just that now there is no big party to plan. There are, however, about two dozen things that need to be sorted out in the next four weeks or so, not the least of which is housing and all the writing that I have been working on.

My favorite theater just went under and that softens the blow of leaving Minneapolis. I also just found out that there is no sales tax in Oregon. That also helped soften the blow. I’m not going to lie.

Creative Motivation

January 27th, 2007

With the start of the new year, thousands and thousands of aspiring writers across the nation make resolutions to work harder at writing.

The at least one person behind National Novel Writing month is thinking about motivations for more than just writing. It seems like a natural expansion, because writing that novel is on so many people’s lifetime to do list, might as well get off our asses about the other stuff too. Maybe you should look into that. Maybe you should learn to play the tuba.

Maybe you don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe you read the latest Cormac McCarthy, and think the end is near enough to not bother doing anything. Over at Dislocate, they’re contemplating the end of the world, and what it means to their writing. I’m not sure I’m with them all the way, but sources assure me that the end of the world is the hot new thing. I’m not quite sure where he’s going with that, but it seems to be someplace positive.

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