Beer and Stress

November 25th, 2008

It seems particularly appropriate to post this now. Earlier today I listened to my Contracts professor talk about how she did not want us to become those lawyers who dealt with stress through substance abuse. Of course, I had been saving this article from the New Yorker for a little lunch time reading as a study break. What did it do? It made me want a beer. Of course I don’t have any at home right now, but the article does a great job of covering why just about anything from Dogfish is an interesting experience at the worst case.

26th and Lyndale

August 30th, 2008

I don’t like to think that I’m so locked into my political views that I can’t switch parties if the Republican’s field someone compelling. In my eyes, that hasn’t happened this cycle. But just for fun, I found myself thinking, what would the man have to do to earn my vote?

The Republican National Convention is causing all sorts of havoc for friends of mine in the Twin Cities right now, and that means McCain will be in the Twin Cities too. In order to get my vote, I’ve decided he will need to do the following:

He must go to the C.C. Club, with minimal escort, and order a Premium Grainbelt. Beer in hand he must then go to the jukebox and select “Time” by Tom Waits. When the song comes up, he will then have the secret service clear out the two mobile tables near the jukebox, where he shall proceed to dance a sad little shuffle as the song plays. That will earn my vote. If he manages to mumble the lyrics in a plaintive and half heard sort of way, I’ll even like doing it. Also, as long as he’s there, he should get the jalapeno cheese burger, because it’s damned tasty.

If he were to go to The Bulldog kiddy corner to the C.C., I’ll donate another $50 to Obama. If he goes to Common Roots across the corner, and gets the organic bagel? Well, then we’ll know the end times are upon us.

Ah, to dream that it could happen.

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July 14th, 2006

The first time i tried He’Brew beer I was deeply disapointed. I don’t remember if it was Messiah Bold or Genesis Ale. It doesn’t matter, as I found the first beer so disapointing that I left the other five behind. I have no idea if anyone drank them. The other night I tried their Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A. The ‘r’ stands for Rye. I liked it a lot. Mark was not so high on it. He didn’t think the rye got along well with the hops.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Jewish kitsch. He’Brew falls nicely into that category. It might be time to try their other beers. I have been holding out too long.

More Beer

April 30th, 2006

As long as I’m posting I might as well mention that the Merlin’s Ale did not much impress me. It’s not that it was bad, it just didn’t have quite the body I wanted from it. This could be attributed to the rainy days we’ve been having in Minneapolis. I wanted something a little heavier, and the ale, while clear and crisp tasting, lacked a body that I wanted it to have. I don’t need an ale to be big an heavy like a stout, but it should have some weight in the mouth. I Merlin felt just a bit thinner than water.

The flip side is St. Peter’s Cream Stout which had a lighter body that I expect from a stout. It actually didn’t have a very creamy texture to me. That being said it tasted great, and on a rainy day (three in a row now, and they say more tomorrow) it was just perfect “rainy Saturday night” beer. St. Peter’s also has some of the coolest bottles I’ve seen.

Kelli and I were watching Hotel Rwanda while I was drinking it, and I needed a bright spot like a good beer to get through. Seriously, the tagline for that movie is: “When the world closed it’s eyes, he opened his arms.” I can’t think of a single movie who’s tagline so completely fails to capture the gravity of the situation. Tagline aside it was an amazing movie, but it’s also one that will play havoc with your Netflix subscription. We had that one out for about two months. You know it’s going to be depressing, so you try to find a time when you feel emotionally ready. Eventually you give up and order the next level of Netflix. You do this so you can have the “movie we know we’re going to watch, but we’re afraid” slot and cycle the other discs.


April 30th, 2006

Just put on the headphones without realizing I still had the volume on high. Nearly deafened by Blur’s “Bad Day.”

Went to the store and bought too many interesting beers again. It’s really only too many because I got several of them because they amused me. Honestly, how could I pass on Merlin’s Ale.

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