November 8th, 2012

Sometimes you can’t quite make out what the vocalist is saying. Maybe you really want to know. You love the song, but after multiple listens you can’t get it right. So you Google it. Congratulations, the internet gets to troll you.

Not always, but more often than it should, the lyrics some yob uploaded are amazingly wrong. The internet should be able to crowd source this sort of thing. You should not be told that “illustrious” is “celestious.” I don’t even know how you could make that mistake. It’s not a real word. Though, out of curiosity I Googled it. I doubt the song has a shout out to a WoW character. But I could be wrong.

And it’s: Skipped through to the end to see if you got help from someone there up on high /
may have heard the beacon’s faint cry.

Not: Skipped through to the end and you’ve got help from someone else /
I thought I met her in the biggest fake crowd.

I mean damn. That’s an amazing mishear, which I can only attribute to the person who posted the lyrics being drunk.

It is late 2012. Please, musicians, save us. Post your lyrics on your damn websites so idiots don’t tell people you’re singing about meeting people in fake crowds.

One Response to “Lyrics”

  1. Ian Macleod Says:

    I will note, for my own amusement, that I just found lyrics on an artist’s own page that don’t appear to match the song on the album.

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