Because there are almost no three ingredient combos left, I suspect that this drink already has a name. Much like the last one I posted here, it’s just too easy to make, and Punt e Mes was part of a little mixing fad a year or two ago.

Unnamed or Bitter European Guy Cocktail
Again, someone has to have already named this.

1.5 oz gin
.5 oz Punt e Mes
.5 oz Creme de Cassis
4 solid dashes of grapefruit bitters

I have not yet determined if the bitters are of any real value. I was so surprised that it worked, I just mixed another and didn’t question their inclusion. I shall have to report back when I’ve had a chance to refine it.

It has a deep rich taste, and there isn’t so much of the Cassis that it’s too sweet. Almost a leathery character to the taste, or maybe unlit cigar would be a good comparison. The basic idea was to use two ingredients that I normally think overpower everything, and let them duke it out for supremacy. It benefits from gins with sharp enough flavor profiles to do a little cutting for you. Think Tangueray and it’s cousins in the gin world.

2 Responses to “Time For Another Drink Someone Else Must Already Have Done”

  1. mark Says:

    I’m interested to see you using Creme de Cassis again – have you started liking it, or is this just an attempt to clean the stuff out of your bar? (Also, are you using the same bottle you had in Minneapolis? I tried a sip of a different brand of Creme de Cassis recently, though I can’t remember which brand, and the flavor was utterly different – it lacked that off note that you found repellent and was much sweeter.

    My guess is that you’re using the same one, because it would work better in the drink you’ve described, though. Have you tried using other accents in place of the grapefruit bitters/not using the grapefruit bitters? That would be an easy test to see if it’s doing anything. The drink in general looks like it needs an accent to lighten it slightly, though a lemon twist is probably not the best choice (maybe just a grapefruit twist, or a lime one? I don’t know).

  2. Bottle Imp Says:

    Yeah, I haven’t finished tweaking this one because I’m slowing things down on the booze for a bit. My poor liver and all that.

    It’s still the same bottle. I might have to check out some others. But it was a combination of cabinet clean out and “Aw hell, I never use this stuff.” Both Punt e Mes and Creme de Cassis have failed to catch my attention so far, but this drink is starting to turn things around. I am eager to mess with it some more.

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