Cocktails of the Decade?

December 31st, 2009

Okay, so the author of this New York Times article on cocktails of the last decade is not so full of hubris as to claim that they are listing the top cocktails of the past decade. The article does point out some interesting developments in cocktails, which have made quite the comeback, at least in some parts of the country. Granted, I started the decade unable to legally drink, but my perception at the time was that people were heavily oriented toward vodka in fruit juices for their libations. Now I’ll grant that I was wandering through the world of college at the time, where people have a tendency to go for the cheap/disgusting/potent triple play. A lot of people in that age group are sadly drinking to get drunk. Still, getting out of college and into the Twin Cities, there did not seem to be a lot of bars where tasty for its own sake, but not too sugary, was part of the drinking culture. Now I hear that there are a bevy of new beers becoming available there, to combine with Bells (the region’s standard setter for beer as far as I’m concerned) making the scene there much more delicious. Perhaps there are even a few bars serving better cocktails. I didn’t get out to the bars much in my later time in Minneapolis, but as I was getting ready to move, there were a few that I bumped into that seemed to be edging toward the idea of better cocktails making happier drinkers.

Is the list in the article a little heavy on New York bars? Yeah, but it’s the New York Times. I’ve got a little bias for west coast bartenders, but that may just be tinting my glasses against this article, which really only mentions west coast drinking once. Those recipes they list on the sidebar of the article remain delicious, no matter what my bias is.

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