The Distant Cocktails

November 29th, 2008

Normally, I find cocktail menu postings frustrating. From time to time, one of the cocktail bloggers I read will post the specialty cocktail menu at some great bar, and I sit there gnashing my teeth because I’m not in that city, and probably wouldn’t be able to get there any time soon. On top of that, I am taking out loans for school, and so I wouldn’t really be able to spend the eight to twelve dollars plus tip if I was there. (For some reason this ruins the fantasy more than not being in the same city.)

There are exceptions, it is true. A while back Jamie Boudreau posted a cocktail list for his new digs. I was actually able to make his “La Bicyclette” and it was quite tasty. Also Seattle is close enough to Portland that I could think about going there. Much of the rest of the menu involved things like chamomile-infused scotch, which I’m just going to have to hope I can get to the bar for, because the applications do not justify me making a batch of that.

Wednesday was the second time I’ve not been totally frustrated. Check out this cocktail menu from DOSA on Fillmore in San Francisco. Much farther away, but for some reason totally inspiring instead of dispiriting. I don’t think I have the ingredients to make a damn thing on that, but makes me want to play around with recipes again, which I have been hesitant to do since quitting my job and taking out loans. Interesting liquors also cost a bunch more in Portland. But when finals is over, it may be time to try out a few ideas again.

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