Big Screen

January 9th, 2007

While I was home for the holidays, I had a chance to check out the TV that my mother had bought. It was a wide screen HDTV. I took the opportunity to watch some classic movies on TCM. There is something about old movies, and I am not alone in this, that makes me sit still, almost regardless of how bad they can be. The wide screen only added to this effect. This leaves me in the position of contemplating a shiny new TV, to watch old grainy black and whites. There’s something about them, and I can’t help thinking that the nostalgia for the experience that movies used to be is it.

The latest New Yorker had an article on the state of the movies. It contemplates movie theaters where I might get a good martini, sit for a while and chat or read a book. Then I’ll wander into the theater and watch a movie. Not only does that appeal to me, (Cocktails and the movies? Together?) but it also makes me excited, like the author, and probably naively, for a future in which the movies can something close to what nostalgia tells me I wanted them to be, with smaller budgets, that don’t risk as much money, and some better plots wouldn’t hurt, but who am I to talk.

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